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Astrology Sites

RASA School of Astrology:  A ten level curriculum with an International Home Study Scholarship program. The course material is closely aligned with the I Ching.

Iastro Store Iastro store sells astrological, mystical, and I Ching related materials. It directly represents Robin Armstrong and the RASA School of Astrology. There are classes, lectures, music cds, videos, and material about sacred spaces. You can also receive a monthly newsletter if you wish.

I Ching Sites


Astrology and the I Ching Divination by Planets The I Ching is a zodiac of 64 division. Using the planets position in the Zodiac degree as the way to see the hexagram it is affected by.

I Ching and Astrology How the cycles in the I Ching correspond to the cycles in astrology.

This site presents a completely new interpretation of each hexagram and hexagram line. References to the Superior Man and his virtue, have been removed. In this interpretation One does this or One does that. The advice is given for the individual and not just for the man. This is a significant change in the I Ching. Not to be thought of as a replacement for the old, but as an add on for more modern and astrological significance.

I Ching Hexagrams I Ching Hexagrams I Ching Hexagrams is a site with new interpretations for each hexagram and line. They are written for the individual and references to the Superior Man have been replaced. Still the teaching remains…without blame! I Ching Changes ( Under construction – not available yet- but soon!)


This is a site that takes the I Ching beyond words. It shows how to drum the hexagrams and then how to interpret them musically in melodies. It also shows how to chant the hexagrams, working to turn duality into unity.


I Ching Related Sites

The Celestial Harp  A 72 stringed instrument designed to play the I Ching and the Horoscope.

Forest Woodhenge   A 130 post woodhenge- super sundial -sacred space.

Music of the Spheres Celestial and cosmic music.


A site about the nature and power of chanting.


Robin Armstrong’s resume.